lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2011


It has been a long time since my last update, but here we go.
This season is just being super crazy with the water levels, now here in the Sjoa these days we have the 5th flood of the season, so everything around this valley is full at the moment.
I have been working a lot and somehow not much kayaking, bummer, well that is the way it is this year, I think. Hoping that next year will be different I leave you with some pics of just a few kayaking days during this summer.
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viernes, 3 de junio de 2011


Norway is probably one of the best white water destination, and yes, this is one more season here, this is an update from one of the locals run, the LOGAN or Roster gorge...we will se what Norways has to offer this year......
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domingo, 14 de noviembre de 2010


Gigo lining her down

holding her


Sergio Vidal hucking one of the sweetest drop in Chile

Gigo same spot same feeling same happiness

better feeling

going down in the middle

nice shot from the first rapid on the upper palguin

I ended up going to Pucon in the middle of September, wich is pretty early for kayaking but we
managed to run some of the classics like: Maichin, Todo Puesco, Nevados, Palguin, alto,medio,bajo,Trancura.
The Rio Nevados
From 2004 when the boys from LVM ran it for the first time, this river became one of the classics in my home town (Pucon). These are the pics from my short visit to Chile this year in September-October, the water levels were not the best ones but I had an epic time paddling with the boys, it was very cool to see that the kayak sport in Chile is getting bigger, more kayakers from Chile, more boats, more fun.
The other epic run was The rio Puesco
This run starts at the border with Argentina with a stunning put in, in the first 2 kilometers the river gets very steep with very sweet class V boulder rapids, running the Puesco is like listening to your best tunes, that day we ran the entire seccion, awesome day awesome river
The rio Palguin
I remember running this river with a ducky several times, well, that was before my kayak time. This day I was in my kayak, and yes, we did run the middle too wich involves a 23m waterfall, probably the sweetest drop around, after a week we were there again dropping down.
The lower part is an easy read and run class IV with some portages at the end.
Take a look at the pics and if you have not visited Chile yet, I tell you, you're not gonna disappointed if you do so...Go to Pucon and fire it up, the water levels now are great...
If you're new in town go to and you're gonna find some locals to paddle with....have a nice day.
vaya con rios

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sábado, 30 de octubre de 2010

Rio Nevados

From 2004 when the boys from LVM ran it for the first time this river become one of the classics in my home town (Pucon). This are the pics from my short visit to Chile this year in September-October, the water levels were not the best ones but I had a epic time paddling with the boys, was very cool to see that the kayak sport is getting bigger in Chile, more kayakers from Chile, more boats, more fun.
We follow Ian Garcia all the way down, he showed us the lines, this guy is spending more time than me in Pucon, probably he is already a Puconino, cool guy!.
Take a look at the pics and if you have not visit Chile yet, I tell you, you not gonna disapointed if you do so...Go to Pucon and fire it up, the water levels now are great...If you there try the lower gorge( you will need low water for that)
vaya con rios
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pics above courtesy of Gigo Castillo
1. full moon in town
2. Alamo trees
3. view of the Volcano and the glacier
4. Palitroke droping
5. gringo Soto after the box canyon
6. Nice drop
7. Ian droping in the darkness
8. Sergio Vidal on the first one

martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

New Creekboat made in Chile

I,m very happy to be part of this amazing project. Yes started making creekboat kayaks in Chile. This company is based in Santiago and they design sea kayaks, sit on top kayaks and Hidrospeeds. This year they started designing white water kayaks. Now I`m in Norway and my friend (designer) Sebastian Striebel showed up here with the machine, we paddled a few rivers together and it was crazy to see this guy with the PHOENIX running Norwegian whitewater, making it look so easy.
Now I`m going to Chile and I do not need to travel with a kayak because I can get one there, one made in CHILE, I can get the PHOENIX.
Check out the pics of the PHOENIX in action and stay awake for more news from Chilean spring
vaya con rios

sábado, 26 de junio de 2010

Norway, a creekboating jewel

Ula, a waterpark....
Situated on the oldest national park of Norway, Ula is one of the classic run around the Sjoa valley.I always keen to go, cause is in NP and cause Ula open the door to everyone who like to try or start with the experience of slide and waterfalls, yes to everyone....
We met at Heidal Rafting with about 10 kayakers that morning, and after a 30 minutes drive we were up on the mountains up at Rondane National Park getting the kayaks off the roof rack. There are days when the river is too big for the waterfalls section and days when is to low for the slides section, this day was the day with the perfect water levels, perfect because the water levels were good for the entire river I mean slides and waterfalls. Days in Norway are days to remember for sure and this one was a nice day, sunny and warm, it was a Ula day...
take a look at the pics courtesy of Gigo Castillo
Thanks to

1- Diego Bugeguer going for the last one of the triple combo
2- Tipical Ula shot
3- Colin
4- Will Hartman from USA flying on the first one of the combo
5- Santi Showing the boys on how to give her a boof
6- Nice view of the slides section
7- Freeky shot
8- Santi again
9- Gigo
10- Diego at the end of the slides section
11- Gael representing

lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

Norway, Norway, Norway

Very long time since my last update, after couple of month with out paddling for few enjuries, now, I`m back and this time again in Norway, and it looks like this time in Norway will be epic, having some good plans and missions that need to be done I feel like Norway is the plce to be this summer.
This is a small report of a jewel from this country, the Jori river.
I met with Silvio Gurrieri and Diego Budeguer from Argentina that morning, we drove for about two hours, well distance here in Norway are not to big but the speed limit around here is 80 kilometers per hour so things were moving slow.
The Jori is a tipical Norwegian run up in the mountains, this river is a mix of slides, drops and beautyfulls landscapes around.
enjoy the pics

domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2009


A day to remember in Norway
Lower Rauma by Gigo Castillo
Before I came to Norway I heard a lot of people say that Norway is Da spot for a good summer, good money, good people and off course heaps of waterfalls. I fell in love with this place, by far the second best place on the globe, no doubt. This is my 5" season here and I wanna live here.
Here it is… a day on the Rauma….a day to remember.
We met with the boys at Heidal Rafting that morning and I remember jumping in Santi`s car for a two hours ride to the put in. This section contains 6 amazing slides-drops on less than 4 kilometers, and at the take out there is a 20+ huge cascade, just awesome to look at. Last year I ran the whole section and I guess my brain was too big and my balls too small to run the last one, Flemming fossen. This year my brain is smaller, so I guess it was time to give it a try….enjoy the pics…
1 Nice dogs
2 Put in
3 Jussi Tanskanen
4 Thorphe falling
5 The boyzz
6 Santi, what a cool place
7 Thorphe
8 one more Jussi Tanskanen
9 Colin showing us that the embudo has a good plastic
10 Gigo Castillo, Nice shot
11 Ready
12-13-14 Thorphe styling
15 Gigo going big
16 Flat landing
17 Santiago Lo Greco
18 Santi and Gigo, happy to be at the botto